Todo page instead of journal

Is it possible to manage all tasks / to-do in a page not in a journal. I don’t need task management based on date. Instead what I would like to achieve is to be able to add tasks across all pages and have one page that list all my tasks. I understand that usual way to achieve it is to use queries. But I have a question: can query results be sorted manually?
I want to have kind of dashboard with different views:

  1. I have a list of all my interests. This list is at the same time a list of pages that have subpages. So, in todo page I want to create like sections that would have the name of these pages of interests and wherever I put task I want it to appear in appropriate section in todo page and be able to sort them manually. This way for each interest I will have a list of task with priority that is limited for this area of interest.
  2. Secondly, I want to have another view that don’t have sections but a list of all task ordered by importance hierarchy. And this list I would like to be able also sort manually.

Is it possible. Can you refer me to any how-to-do-it?

Additional question: can Linked references be sorted manually or by any other order? I can only see filter option but it is not the same as sorting.

Short answer: not in the way you wish I suppose.

Long answer: you can do some things manually and some things with queries.
Query results can not be sorted manually. Linked references is the same.
However there is a priority tag [#A] (via / command A). If you don’t mind some extra pages you can use all letters of the alphabet through a manual write up. Sorting a query by priority will then give you a way of sorting manually. Same if sorting on content and using specific pre-fixes. So not quite intuitive, but possible.
As for sections those would need to be separate queries I think. Queries do not support any grouping behavior.

Another option is block references or block embeds. But that’s a whole lot of manual labor.

Personally I do have a task overview page.

As you can see I use a prefix in the query I have open. All those bullets are different queries.

For more info on specific query for task management I’ll redirect you to this thread:

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Manual sorting is also meaning for us, after picking-up tasks and putting them in NOW state we would like to sort like in pomodoro manually