TODO Workflow: How to add annotations to items and keep track of completion dates?

During the day, I collect TODO items in my Journal. The items need to be resolved with specific people.
So I might have an item TODO #steve pick furniture. Next time I run into Steve, I pull up his page and check of the TODO items in the Linked References. Some issues need discussion with multiple people, currently I create one item per person.

In principle this works, but there are two major limitations:

  1. Logseq doesn’t capture completion dates (why not?), so going back, I can’t find out when I resolved the issue. I would like to have a list of each item and when it was discussed.
  2. When discussing the issue, I would like to add further notes. As the original entries are done on past Journal pages, the notes don’t really belong there.

As an alternative, I considered directly entering TODO items on the person page, but this breaks the Journal flow, and many items require talking to multiple people, so now I have to duplicate them across many pages. Also I’d have to enter each date manually.

How to keep track of the completion date of TODO items / add notes to items during completion / keep items grouped by tags?

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There’s definitely some gaps in how logseq manages tasks and being able to use it as a replacement for something like todoist. Although I am trying to do that all the same.

Just a thought but before you close out an item would doing a /Today to add todays date to the node work? You could probably create a keyboard shortcut to do that.

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That is a very good idea! Thank you!

For references, this is the complete workflow:
In the daily journal, enter a project, annotate single sub-items as TODO:

  • Birthday party planning
    • Make a cake
    • TODO #steve check if free
    • TODO send invites

When calling up steve’s page I enter “#done /Today”, which makes it clear in the linked references that this was a TODO item that has been checked off. Without putting in the done tag, the item would just show up as “steve check if free” so it’s not obvious it is a completed item.