TODO workflows: poor flexibility

I am new here, exploring if LogSeq could work for me similarly to what I was doing in Roam Research for more than 4 years. First thing that surprised me is why there is a forced workflow for TODOs and secondly, why the status of the task precedes the description of the task instead of adding this to the end of the description. I can’t really see the benefit of this.

I think it would makes more sense to leave the status of the task to a keyword or series of keywords at the end of it.

[x] meditate #health #archived
[ ] cook chicken #home #today
[ ] plan trip to Thailand #family #doing
[ ] develop marketing plan to launch kokoroko #work #wait #MarkThompson

I would like someone consider :
1 flexibility of selecting a workflow
2 option to don’t follow a workflow or to do not appear at the start of the task