Toggle commands - can I use them while writing?

Is there a way to invoke the toggle commands while writing? From what I understand if I want to do somthing like toggle document mode I have to

  • click on the sidebar
  • type t
  • type d
  • click on the editor again

What I’d like to do is to go between the two modes (or some of the others I see in the keyboard shortcuts) while writing.

When I change a keyboard shortcut it still only works if I click on the sidebar, which doesn’t resolve my problem.

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This has been a major pain in the butt for me, as well. I don’t think there’s another way to do it, though I could be wrong. If nobody has an answer, maybe post it again as a feature request?

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Have you tried pressing escape to exit editing mode, performing your toggle command, and then enter/return to return to editing mode?

I find I don’t always go back to editing where I want or expect, however you can exit and enter edit mode this way.