Toggle on/off linked references for Daily journal and other created pages

We have linked references for every page within Logseq, sometimes these reference lists get very long.

This in turn affects performance of the application as well as making it more cumbersome to scroll through continuous pages like the daily journal section.

A feature to toggle close or open linked reference’s globally / per page would help improve performance and fluidity of Logseq.

In addition to being able to toggle the page’s linked reference to closed or open globally / per page, further improvement would be the option to toggle the contents within said linked references.

Say that you want to keep the toggle open for linked reference’s, The contents within said linked reference are always opened all the way, having the option to minimize said contents to the the first block would be beneficial as well.

There’s a config setting to help with that:
The default is 50 I believe. I’ve set mine to 10.

I do really like the idea of having the content minimized though.

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Thanks Siferiax for the tip, very much appreciated.

The Column Layout plugin by YU000jp may also be helpful for long reference lists within daily journals.

Instead of having the reference list located at the bottom of the page extending with each reference, it moves the list over to the right side of the current page (not to be confused with contents within the right sidebar).

This replaces the extending list, instead it has its own independent fixed height/width window (that does not get longer as you add more references), scroll bar, and stacking functions similar to how the right sidebar operates.

To trigger the column layout, Logseq has to be either

  • fully maximized
  • a certain width
  • or zoomed out far enough

If instead Logseq is taking up say half your monitor and does not include any of the arguments listed above, it will automagically revert to the default layout and vice versa.

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