Toggle show/hide completed items

After an item is marked as DONE, hide it.

Workflowy and Dynalist have this and it is useful for ToDo list management.

Agree, queries can sort of achieve this behaviour but it would be nice to have one ‘view’ for a todo list that can optionally show done items

Edit: Hiding arbitrary tags would be cool too!

I created two plugins which accommodates this request. Both use different approaches. The first queries the database to discover what’s on the page. The second just applies stylesheets. This means the second is faster; however, it has one minor feature which won’t work unless you install it locally. Details are discussed on its home page.

The one minor feature in Style Carousel which I said wouldn’t work unless you install it locally has since been corrected. It can be installed via the marketplace.

Style Carousel is the better plugin of the two for toggling completed to-dos.

Ideally I’d like to be able to click on any bullet and select “Children: Hide Completed”. So the setting could be toggled per-bullet, not just per-page or globally.