Tools sharing web like notion

Has logseq, web sharing like Notion, in orden to share page?

You mean to share a page from your Logseq graph on the web? There’s currently no way to do this using just a few button clicks like in Notion, but we’re already working on a publishing service.

There are more involved ways like this GitHub action, but it’s nowhere as convenient as Notion. But again, we’re working on making this possible.

I’ll mark this request as “on-roadmap.”


I’d gladly pay for this feature. Used Obsidian Publish for a while, and found their implementation beautiful, though I prefer LogSeq’s block-level transclusion.

Instead of using different platforms for its main website, community hub, and blog … LogSeq should develop its offering to where it can host these all on its own “public graph.” Would force the team to scratch its own itch, prioritizing stability, speed, and aesthetics to provide the web’s most powerful (and beautiful) notes/wiki publishing platform.

My dream tool would combine Obsidian’s speed and aesthetic, with LogSeq’s block-level transclusion, and Substack’s capacity for static pages and header/footer navigation.

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Thanks for your interest! Page / block level web sharing is a feature under active development

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Yeah but they’re still working out the basic tool. Even the typing experience is pretty rough. I’ll be editing a long note, let’s say at the 50% mark and the page will keep scrolling to the end. So I constantly have to fight the cursor and keep it at the 50% mark until I’m done. It’s really annoying. I’ll select another sentence near the 50% mark and it jumps again!

The only reason I’m using this app is because the block-level method of handling text snippets is beautiful. There’s just nothing else like it.

I think this is a very useful feature, Is there any progress now?