Tooltip delay setting

Is there any way to eliminate the 2s delay between hovering and showing the preview tooltips? I find it really slow for my workflow.

Welcome. If you feel adventurous, follow these steps:

  • find file main.js
    • normally inside ...\Logseq\app-0.9.18\resources\app\js
  • make a copy of it, just in case
  • open it in a good editor
  • search for string delay:this.props.delay
    • this is duration in milliseconds
      • its current value is 1000, i.e. 1 second
  • replace it with something smaller
    • e.g. delay:100
  • save the file
  • reload Logseq
  • the change will be lost on next update

sadly, there is no such file with Logseg v0.10.*

Actually, there is app.asar file. Unpack then repack it with “@electron/asar” allows modification of source js file