Torn between pages and blocks with metadata

Hello everyone,

I’ve been re-using Logseq for the last week and have encountered some tricky questions which keep me awake at night.

  • I’ve decided using Journal mostly for every piece of data and then building the metadata in blocks to link things together
  • however im running into a lot of overhead work since every time I enter data, I have to enter metadata instead of just linking to a page. Especially when I have four blocks for the same project, it really feels like a chore
  • I thought of using templates to quickly format metadata but I find it is quite annoying when there is only metadata and no content
  • So im wondering if im not doing it wrong and if I should go back to creating a page for each subject and then just linking

Im curious how others have been approaching this, I guess im looking for some real world use cases to try and work out when it is pertinent to use one or the other, and also because I want to avoid having to rework a huge backlog of data because I got it wrong in the beginning…

Hi, I feel you. You may get some ideas here.