Tracking Team To-do's

Hello everyone,

I have been using Logseq for a while to track my teams tasks and one on one check-ins. I am looking for a more efficient way of tracking to-do’s and tasks assigned. Maybe you guys have a better way of doing this than me.

What I do, is I have a page for every team I manage, and for every person I want to track to-do’s. Days I meet I create the meeting tagging the team, I just scroll down and look at whats pending. I don’t like using the to-do feature because it gets mixed with what I have to do, but lately what I have been doing is just adding the person and task to a to-do under the team and just put it on doing. Then I add a query to the teams page to show me what is pending.

I am sure there is probably a better way then this :slight_smile: Any ideas?

These are very vague. Consider expanding on:

  • what kind of improvement you are looking for
  • which specific part of your current approach you suspect for being inefficient

you are right. I guess I would be good to have a way to separate to-dos from people, and in my teams page just see the pending tasks upfront arranged by people? Does that make sense?

Sounds like what you need is just some more precise queries, to properly filter the listed TODOs down to the exact desired set. If you provide some example blocks and your current queries, we can help you fine-tune them.

Thanks for the help Mentaloid!

What I do is this I have a page for team and a page for people in my team. Every morning I add my meetings for the day referencing the team. Then while in the meeting I just click on the team page and I have the following query {{query (and [[TEAM]] [[TEAM MEMBER]] (task TODO DOING))}} on the team page. Sometimes I move it the meeting block, still finding the best way.

Some ideas:

  • define a template with a property like assignee::
    • could also config that property to treat its value as a reference
  • when entering a task:
    • use that template
    • fill that property with the desired person
  • in your query:
    • remove the [[TEAM MEMBER]]
    • in the resulting table, click on the header of the property’s column to effectively group the tasks by person
  • don’t consider that to be a final or best way
    • as you use it, you may well realize that with some adjustments you can get more value

haven’t used properties much. When you say define a template, you mean template of the team? or what? not following the idea very well, sorry. :slight_smile:

  • I mean a template for the task. This is:
    • where all the info currently meets
    • the row that is queried
  • A template is to:
    • save some time when entering data
      • otherwise adding properties can increase the typing effort and discourage their usage
    • ensure a correct data structure
      • which also ensures that queries won’t miss any instance

ahh thats a clever way of doing it…instead of using to-do’s you create a template for a task with assignee and probably what needs to be done! Brilliant! apart from assignee and what to do, what else would you add?

Then I just use to-do’s for my tasks…like it great idea! thanks for the help

Some candidate properties:

  • estimation of time/duration cost/effort
    • percent done
  • parent task or project or milestone
  • priority
  • status
  • etc.
    • There are many more candidates, but should use only what is actually needed in your specific case.
      • Rarely used properties should rather remain as tags.
        • For example, flags like special attention needed are better served by tags.
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Brilliant idea. Thanks for the help!

I had a similar question and now have an overview Task page with a table, which lists all waiting, todo, later, doing and now tasks with action-owner and deadline (if exist) and priority - with link to the original page.

Check out Query to get task overview in table, with date, page and owner - #16 by Jomi. All credits to @Siferiax :+1:

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just checked it out. Thanks for the help!

trying out the task idea as a template, works great. My only question is how do I add the todo to the template? Just as an example I did this:


When I add the to-do y goes on top and looks weird.


Any ideas @mentaloid? You seem to know your stuff better than me :wink:

  • TODO has to be at the beginning, otherwise it is ignored (try it in a normal block).
  • But you said that you would avoid using it.

I would, just want to click when something is done so its not shown. It was a great solution you gave me! very much appreciated. Was trying to add the checkbox but didnt work either. Still tweaking it but really works wonders :slight_smile:

Just simplified it and filtered like this:

Right click on the task and change the status and its gone.

Your idea was perfect! Thanks so much @mentaloid

Check it out @Jomi maybe it will work for you…on top of all my team pages I have this now just what I needed to track things that take some time.

Great @dalvo that it works for you. I love simplicity and intuitivity and personally don’t like such template.

Compared with your template, this is how a task entry would look using the table task dashboard:

TODO Buy new hardware #@Jomi before #deadline. (action for me)
WAITING Solve all my problems #@Peter before #deadline (action waiting at someone else)

With this intuitive way of entering tasks, all TODO/WAITING/LATER etc are grouped together per table. Then it shows the originating page, the owner, the tas, the priority and the deadline (if entered).

To be fair, both approaches have the same amount of complexity. The difference is that:

  • in the one approach:
    • the complexity is hidden behind the implementation of templates
    • it is easier to add/remove fields as needed
    • there is not much room for customization
      • that needs advanced queries
  • in the other approach:

But in the coming database version, properties will become much better, and this discussion will get on a different level.

Agreed. To each their own poison. I appreciate the help of both of you! have a great rest of the week!