Treat Markdown checkboxes as LS tasks

As the title says, could we treat markdown checkboxes like LS tasks? Currently in Canary these are not being rendered at all, and appear as raw text. Example below.

Agreed! Very important for interop with Obsidian too as check boxes are also used by dataview, day planner and other plugins. I believe this was available on the non-Canary version of Logseq.


furthermore, let user select from now/later , todo/doing, and standard markdown style in settings.

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Just wanna make sure dev team knows that there’s still interests in this. I actively use Logseq-Obsidian setup for my work n personal notes. It would be great for LS to support markdown todo/tasks. I believe it’s cleaner for user to read the note later on as the syntax is lot shorter from plain text view


I would actually be happy even if the checkboxes were just rendered as a simple checkbox (checked/empty) and not a full LogSeq task. It would be great to be able to have simple checklists in a block that don’t show up as full-on TODOs. I use this kind of thing in org-mode and other tools.
(Then we could talk about using properties to make the checkboxes tri-state or other cool ideas.)


I am eager to convert from obsidian to logseq, at least for the daily journal and todo functions. Until there’s some way for logseq to understand my standard markdown / obsidian created checklists as tasks for the purpose of the todo functions, I just can’t make the migration.

Hopefully this will happen someday soon.

I second this. I think todo keywords should be in addition to standard task syntax in Markdown (i.e. - [ ] TODO, even if it’s redundant), rather than instead of. Makes intercompatibilty with other Markdown renderers more difficult.