Trouble accessing live demo

Hi there,

I can’t install Logseq on my work device, so rely exclusively on the live demo. This usually works just fine - I visit the URL (, am prompted to grant access to my local folder and my graph loads. Probably about once every week or two weeks though, I can’t access it. I enter the URL and it just loads a blank page (see image).

It did seem to happen exclusively on my work network, and would tend to work once I restarted at home, but today I’ve had the problem on my home network. Does anyone have any ideas how I could troubleshoot the cause(s)?

Thanks very much.

Hi. One step would be to open the browser’s console (e.g. with Ctrl + Shift + i in Chromium-based browsers) and see if any clue is written there.

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Thanks for the tip. Here’s what it produced - doesn’t make much sense at my advanced levels of ignorance, but appears it’s being blocked?

It is all about the first line. The rest of the log is irrelevant, as the application cannot proceed without loading the needed files. The server refuses to serve your request. Unfortunately, no reason is provided. You may try to exclude some reasons by experimenting with different combinations:

  • Use a different browser.
    • Also check if that browser is up-to-date.
  • Use a different device.
  • Connect from a different location.
  • Try at a different time.
  • etc.

If you get some consistency with the results, you may identify where to put the blame and continue from there.

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