Trouble removing a Property Type from Query

I’m a former Roam"er" who is truly enjoying the Logseq experience. I am having a small issue I can’t seem to resolve. I had a Property type “project-status” that I eventually decided to revert to just plain “status”. I deleted the Project Status page and every link / reference. I also refreshed and reindexed LS but I it still shows up as a column in my Projects Query.

I did try to delete the query and reconstitute a new. Alas, no luck. Appreciation for any thoughts.

Did you try to re-index the graph (using the drop down under the graph name)?

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I did indeed try to re-index. The solution for me in the end was to open the page up in an editor (in my case VS Code) and remove it manually from there. Worked like a charm.

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