Trying to learn Logseq


I’m using Logseq as my notetaking app and had started to use its Daily Journal as well.

I’ve been pushed off of Notion because the privacity and some other things, but one thing that I miss from there is the simply learning curve. You can do a lot of things and the tool is very functional and intuitive. BUT, the point of being connected with a cloud and needing internet to work fully, made me get away from it.

Now, I’m starting in Logseq and had been surprised by its features. It’s technical but not technical and boring as Obsidian is (Obsidian is boring for non-coders, at least for me. Sorry.). The problem is right there. I’m not a coder and want to build some things like habit trackers based on a calendar and some other things. I’ve searched for a lot of content around the internet but they didn’t teach the features one step by each, they just drop a lot of content that you don’t have any idea how to use.

I’ve never used Github before but I went there looking forwading to learn to use the habit tracker plugin, but I didn’t understand a thing about the site. So now, I want you guys to recommend me articles or features to learn, in order, so I can get pro in that amazing program that is Logseq.

Btw sorry for my english. I’m brazilian and I’m just learning english by myself.

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Welcome. I would suggest you to watch some videos, e.g. this one.

Both Obsidian and Logseq are missing a massive potential audience by not making things or explaining things to the non-techies. In my research work this tool is so wonderful for me to use but it has been a long and painful exercise to slowly piece things together and to be fair I had better support in the Obsidain forum than here. Although Logseq is by far much easier and cleaner to use than Obsidian.

A case example one of the things I do is teach people how to do therapeutic journalling Logseq is so amazing for this (better than Obsidian) but I am unable to use Logseq with the majority of my clients as most are not coders or tech-savvy and to be fair are busy trying to fix their mental health problems.

In an ideal world, there would be a vanilla learning system a series of simple tutorials for none coders if I had some time I would make a (probably terrible) attempt to do this.

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@Murilo_Camargo I recommend two first steps:

  1. Watch Ramses’ Logseq Onboarding video. Disclaimer, it is 1 hour long but worth it in my opinion.

  2. Visit @Dario_DS’s YouTube channel. He has some great content on Logseq. I am wrapping up his Logseq Mastery Course.

After that, you should be comfortable enough to start your Logseq journey.

For this habit plugin specifically, the only thing it says is that once installed, the only thing you have to do it type ‘#habit’ in the block you want to mark as a habit. No major learning curve required.


Great suggestions! I also strongly recommend that you check out the handbook that comes shipped with Logseq, which contains useful articles to get you started and is due to be expanded soon. If you have the latest version of Logseq installed, you can access the handbook by clicking on the button with the floating (?) help circle in the bottom right corner.

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