Tutorial on getting logseq, obisidan to sync smoothly through PCs & mobiles

There was a post around here which helped me set obisidian’s setting to work smoothly with logseq. That has been a lifesaver. I am really facing trouble making the PC-mobile transition smooth though.

I am currently using dropbox to sync between two PCs. (But this doesn’t work for mobile)
I don’t really want to pay for the Obsidian app
So I spent hours setting up a git folder (I’m a newbie),. setting an automation script but I always get an error like- index.lock, syncing wouldn’t be smooth, etc

Could this be because I am using my git folder on my dropbox? Is there some way to circumvent this? I really like how fast dropbox syncs logseq between multiple devices ( I don’t believe git can get so fast, right)?
Has somebody written a tutorial somewhere on how to get this all working well? I have searched a lot- but only found obsidian tutorials


I also have problems syncing.

I use Google Drive(on my PC) and DriveSync by MetaCTRL (on my android phone)

The syncing is flawless on the file level. But Logseq never updates, not even when I reindex, At best I loose data at worst I don’t se the changes done on one platform appear on the other.

Any pointers on how to fix this would be golden.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I just can’t figure it out.

I’m using Dropbox and DropSync (Also by MetaCTRL) on Android. DropSync claims to be syncing, but stuff added to Logseq on my home desktop (Mac) in Dropbox isn’t showing up on the Android phone, even after I using the Logseq sync button. Am I missing or misundertanding something?