Tutorial on getting logseq, obisidan to sync smoothly through PCs & mobiles

There was a post around here which helped me set obisidian’s setting to work smoothly with logseq. That has been a lifesaver. I am really facing trouble making the PC-mobile transition smooth though.

I am currently using dropbox to sync between two PCs. (But this doesn’t work for mobile)
I don’t really want to pay for the Obsidian app
So I spent hours setting up a git folder (I’m a newbie),. setting an automation script but I always get an error like- index.lock, syncing wouldn’t be smooth, etc

Could this be because I am using my git folder on my dropbox? Is there some way to circumvent this? I really like how fast dropbox syncs logseq between multiple devices ( I don’t believe git can get so fast, right)?
Has somebody written a tutorial somewhere on how to get this all working well? I have searched a lot- but only found obsidian tutorials