Unable to locate my graph

Hi, how do I locate my graph? When I click ‘All graphs’, I’m don’t see the location in the path specified.

So, I unlinked the graph.

Now, I’m unable to open the graph, because well, I don’t know where it is located. Duh!

What am I doing wrong?

Hello, Had you created a graph and set the directory? Logseq allows you to select the directory of your graph (there is no system location automatically selected).

You could try searching “logseq” (a logseq folder is created on your system) or “config.edn” (this is a file used by Logseq - hopefully these will allow you to find your graph

I imported my graph from Roam’s JSON file.

I looked for logseq folder but didn’t find anything at the graph location shown in Logseq. So gave up and re-imported the JSON. This resulted in the loss of a few notes. But that’s okay I guess.