Unable to query tasks without date

I’m querying all the tasks that has no schedule, deadline, as well as no links to journal pages with this

      :title ["🔰 BACKLOG"]
      :query [
        :find (pull ?b [*])
          [?b :block/ref-pages ?r]
          [?b :block/marker ?m]
          [(contains? #{"NOW" "DOING" "IN-PROGRESS" "LATER" "TODO" "WAITING" "WAIT" "CANCELED"} ?m)]
          (not [?r :block/journal-day ?d])
          (not [?b :block/scheduled ?d])
          (not [?b :block/deadline ?d])]
      :collapsed? false

but this clause (not [?r :block/journal-day ?d]) doesn’t work. I tried also [?r :block/journal? false] without success.

Strangely enough the opposite work, that is [?r :block/journal-day ?d] to show only tasks with a date works.

What went wrong here ?