Unable to reference to block

I have a simple structure like this one:

  • Title 1
    • Title 1.1
      • Text 1.1.1
    • Title 1.2
      • Text 1.1.1
    • Title 1.3

(i have formatted titles at every levels with “##”, so second level, and i have then indented when needed, as shown above)

While I can easily reference text 1.1.1 to title 1.3, I am not able to reference text 1.1.1 to title 1. It should be easy, considering everything is a block in logseq, but yet there I am. What am I missing?

Welcome. I don’t know if this is intentional or a bug, but I can see how this could get problematic, as in some scenarios all the descendants of a block are treated as parts of it (let’s say that they belong to the same note), not independent blocks that happen to be descendants. Sometimes this generates infinite loops. Do you really need an explicit reference from a block to its ancestor?

I would like to do so. I understand the logic but sometimes when you have a lot of content and a lot of text-rich children, you might want to link a block to its parent or maybe its grandparent (in my case it’s usually a title, which it may contains other “sections”). I wasn’t expecting this to happen as I understood that everything is considered an independent block in logseq and it wasn’t a priority, but as it turns out it’s a feature I find myself needing quite often and it’s becoming a relevant setback for me. I hope it’s a fixable bug, but I am afraid is intentional as I have tried to reference a block to its parent or its grandparent and neither is working