Undefined behavior: How to navigate to block position on page from search results?


I am new to Logseq.

I am using latest 0.9.1 version.

The problem is the following.

I’m trying to navigate to a specific block from the search results.

If I select a page, the page opens from the beginning.

If I select a block in the search results, then the behavior is undefined.

I found that if there is only text in the file, then navigation to the block occurs, but if there are pictures, then there can be two options:

  1. The block opens as a separate page when clicked in the search results
  2. Navigation to the block happens as it should.

I have not established the exact algorithm.

I made an example file on github.

Markdown file + picture.

The image should be placed in the assets folder.

You need to search for “Item 25”. The latest block.

If I do a search and click on the result for a block, that block opens as a separate page.

Is it possible to scroll the page to the block position?

For example, in RemNote, if you open a block and then click on the parent page, the parent page will open at the position of the block.

I am not a native English speaker.

Thanks in advance.