Understanding the Code

Hello everybody,

My name is Avi and I’m an old, out-of-practice programmer. I’ve written code for many years, but I have never taken part in an open-source project.

Can anybody help in trying to understand the code? I’m curious to see how it works.

I would assume the first step would be to download the code and start single-stepping. I’m familiar with C# and Microsoft Visual Studio, but where can I find out what dev env I need for LogSeq, and how do I start stepping through the code?

I’m not familiar either but in your place I would start by studying Clojure, it seems a peculiar language.

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As mentioned above you’ll need to learn clojure to contribute to the project. The repo README contains information on setting up a development environment.

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Thanx @alex0 and @edstoc. Wow, lisp! It’s been about 40 years till I’ve tackled Lisp (the Scheme variant). Education is never wasted! :slight_smile: Thanks!

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