Understanding the graph view


I’m a bit new to Loqsec: I have been experimenting with it for a few days.

I have started to jot down some notes on the journal pages, and I have created some pages for some academic journals I have been reading.

I imported the pdf’s from Zotero using the export to markdown functionality, ending up with several quotes with the link to location of the quote in Zotero’s PDF.

This leads to a very messy graph view, in which I can hardly discern my main items because the view also displays the several URL’s to where my quotes are located in Zotero.

My second problem relates to the category metadata I added to several literature notes (for example: category:: #literature and year:: 2019). Those items also surface in my graph view, and reduce the clarity of my “second brain”.

Could you please help me understand how I should deal with these two problems?