Uninstall Logseq doesn't delete all data

Hello, I uninstalled

  • Logseq version 0.10.7 from Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon 64-bit
  • deleted ~/Documents/LogseqDirectory git clone directory
  • deleted ~/.logseq

I didn’t reboot the computer.

I then cloned a new Logseq repo to ~/Documents/Logseq, totally empty of any Logseq data.
I then reinstalled Logseq and old data from the previous Logseq appeared.
Also, Logseq didn’t offer the new install options like Add New Graph.

Where did this come from, so I can properly delete and test a new install.

Might be fixed.
I left clicked on the remaining Logseq in Accessories (after right clicking and Uninstalling, which should have removed it) and Logseq disappeared.
New installs are showing fresh, so see how setup and reinstall tests go.