Universal capture hotkey

Lazy.so (still in private beta) is a knowledge management tool that primarily differentiates itself by making it very easy to “capture” thoughts. There’s a global hotkey that brings up a window for adding an item.

Todoist also has a very nice “quick capture” global hotkey/shortcut.

I think that this would be good for Logseq

This would be Great if it were integrated with deep-linking to other app/open apps. This would really augment the task workflow and make it feel way more integrated, especially if logseq is your main area of truth for the day.

A good example would be Things 3 for mac with the Helper extensions. It adds a link in the notes area with the link to go directly where you were when creating that task (e.g. Mail, Chrome, File in Finder etc.)

I think Logseq team should create a package contains a minimal logseq text editor, then it would be really easy, developers can integrate that into a web extension, or a desktop app for capturing and then send data back to user’s logseq graph through http server.

A basic implementation can use the existing support in Electron, as seen here