Update LogSeq - How/Where 'Open Local Folder'

Windows DT user
Clearly a tech dropout but after looking for 30+ minutes for answersI came here.
I updated LogSeq & Cleared Cache.
Now I’m just trying to get my ‘local folder’ opened.
IF that means finding the file on my PC where my Logseq files are stored - Well I found the folder - Right clicked it to open - but I’m still staring at LogSeq’s ‘official’ screen with the message " This is
demo graph, changes will not be saved until you open a local folder’. Clearly I’m in the wrong place…

  1. What am I doing wrong? Howdo I repoen my files - PLEASE RESPOND as if I was a total nub - or with a screen shot if possible.
    2 ) When Logseq says ‘graph’ - I think of a graph view of all my topics laid out like stars in the sky. NOT my ‘normal’ look of blocks (stacked ontop of each other) - ARE BOTH ‘VIEWS’ considered ‘graphs’?
    TIA - John

Hi, you can look at this thread: How to recover data after "clear cache" - #7 by archizoo

“graph” in logseq not only means the interactive network graph that visually represents your data, but also refers to the local folder that stores your pages and journals :slight_smile:

THX WQing - appreciate the clarification