Updated to 0.6.6 - Auto-Completion/Commands Not Working

Hello I’ve lost the ability to auto-complete or run queries and commands in the Journal. Am I missing something. It’s still working on specific pages, but not in daily journal. I’m a complete n00b, so forgive me there’s an obvious solution here and I’m just missing it. Thanks!

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Disregard; uninstalled and re-installed and got it to work. Still have no idea what was going on…

I have the same problem. Using square brackets, the autocomplete menu cannot be navigated with the keyboard on 0.6.6. I tried reinstalling but that didn’t fix it.

I’m back on 0.6.5.

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Glad I wasn’t crazy, but sorry you’re dealing with same issue.

I found a fix: toggling the theme day/night setting got it back to normal.

Hello! After I updated it to 0.6.6 in MacOS the whole graph get slow. I´m trying to reinstall but, how do I delete the full configuration of LOGSEQ? I was looking for the ~/Library/Application\ Support/Logseq directory, but it doesn´t appear on my laptop. Any Ideas?

Also look in: ~/.logseq (contains plugins etc)

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Thanks Alex, It works great. I do suppose, there is a problem with one plugin… but, so far, it is a little complex to determine which one. I had installed 26 of them:

I will share the list in case one of you have some extra comments…

  • Log-stats
  • logseq-calendars-plugin2.1.6
  • Logseq Find and Replace Plugin
  • Luckysheet
  • Journals calendar
  • Markdown Table Editor
  • Heatmap
  • Bullet Threading
  • logseq-datenlp-plugin
  • logseq-todoist-plugin
  • Ordered Lists
  • TODO Master
  • Tabs
  • logseq-trackhabits2-plugin
  • Block to page
  • Reference Styles
  • Agenda
  • Link Preview
  • Focus Mode
  • logseq-pomodoro-plugin
  • logseq-quicktodo-plugin
  • Tags
  • Logseq Interstitial Journal
  • logseq-wordcount-plugin
  • Task management shortcuts
  • Media Timestamp
  • Logseq Markmap

That’s a lot of plugins! One thing to try is looking in the console:

You can use Alt-Ctrl-i or Opt-Cmd-i to open the developer’s view.

There will be a lot of output. But you can start by turning all plugins off, turning them back on one by one, and looking for red text. Most will be just warnings and other useless chatter, but in there might be a hint of what is the problem.

Great… I will check it at the moment I will reinstall each plugin. Thanks a lot for your comments.

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If you find out it is indeed a problem with a plugin (or worse, a combination of plugins), please let the developers know. Log-stats and Logseq Interstitial Journal are mine, they’re obviously perfect, but if not you can let me know here or by leaving a GitHub-issue :slight_smile:

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Alex, I just started to work again on my project without installing any plugins, and again the system is getting slow. From yesterday to today the only new things I´m working on are Alias properties for pages and some queries for pages with up to three hierarchy schemes. I did open the developer’s view and I found these error messages:

I’m not a developer, so I will appreciate you guiding me on how could I get the right way to get support for this issue.

Thanks a lot in advance.

There have been some complaints Logseq slowing down, you could give the latest test-build a try:

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