Upgrade of ctrl+a (select all) behaviour

Ctrl+a selects the block currently in focus. It would be very useful if subsequent ctrl+a would select the block’s siblings, then next ctrl+a would select the block’s parent, then that parent sibling and children etc. up to the full page content.

For example, if we have:

  • Parent 1
    • Parent 2
      • Parent 3
        • Block 3.1
        • Block 3.2 --cursor is here–
        • Block 3.3
      • Parent 4
        • Block 4.1
        • Block 4.2
    • Parent 5
      • Block 5.1

Pressing ctrl+a would select Block 3.2; then blocks 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3; then Parent 3; then Parent 4 and blocks 4.1 and 4.2; then Parent 2 and Parent 5 with Block 5.1 and then Parent 1 - i.e. the full page.

If that’s too complicated to implement, then the second ctrl+a should select the full page.

I believe pressing subsequent ctrl+a would pretty fast lead to full page content being selected, it’s beneficial to have the ability to select content related to it’s depth.

At first I thought, “Yes, a great idea!” But then I started wondering when I might actually use this. Do you have a common use case?

Also, if this is implemented, perhaps hitting ctrl+a after the whole page is selected would cycle back to selecting just the block, or maybe shift+ctrl+a would narrow the selection down a level each time it is pressed.

“Unfortunately” I tried Dynalist in the past, and find its keyboard shortcuts much more complete and intuitive than Roam/Logseq - I think it would be interesting for people to try it for a while.

One example I remember enjoying is cmd+. for toggling the open/closed state of the current block.

The use case is re-arranging the text. While typing, I don’t think much about the structure, I just enter the text. Then, I want to make more sense of it by moving different blocks around. Unfortunatelly, drag and drop doesn’t work very well in logseq (a topic for itself), and ctrl+a and then cut/paste (again, full of bugs, another topic) is how I do it now.

There are different options here (back, forth, etc…). The idea is to have better control over the content and to speed up the process of moving the text around.

In general, I’d be happy to see the logseq team focus on the usability of existing features, rather than adding some really niche functionalities. Again, another topic which I will touch soon.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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Cmd+Up/Down toggles the sub-blocks (it’s listed in the Help section). It works, but it’s buggy - the triangle showing the state of the block doesnt change, and clicking it after you toggled the block doesn’t do anything the first time. In other words, the state of the block and the state of that triangle are not linked good enough :slight_smile:

I have closed this as it it quite dated and there have been a lot of improvements since the post was made.