Upload an asset not working

Using Endeavour OS and logseq is Logseq-linux-x64-0.7.7.AppImage.

When trying Upload an asset a windows pops up where I am supposed to choose the asset.

However, the window does not respond to any mouse click. Keyboard is only working to select a directory with the TAB key. No possibility to switch to the right side to select a file.

Is there a way to debug this?

I just want to add that on a RedHat 8.5 system Upload an asset doesn’t work the same way.

It seems that with

  • logseq-desktop-bin 0.8.1-1 (EndeavourOS)
  • logseq 0.8.1 AppImage running on RedHat 8.6

Upload an asset is now working reliably fine.

Thanks a lot for fixing this!

confirm bug for mx linux 21.1

Which version of logseq are you using in MX Linux 21.1?

If it is an older version could you try with the newest version? The appimage makes it easy to use the newest version.


Would be interesting to see if on MX it is solved as well when you use the 0.8.1 appimage.

thanks, I didn’t notice that this was already fixed in 0.81
confirm, Logseq-linux-x64-0.8.1.AppImage works fine

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