Upload files on mobile

Hello, I couldn’t upload files on mobile. I haven’t found the option among commands, and drag/drop doesn’t work. Is it possible? Thanks.

I think that’s not supported yet. You can upload images or videos by clicking the camera icon.

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Thank you, bad news. Uploading assets is a fundamental feature in LS; strange it doesn’t work on mobile. It would be good if somebody from developers could chime in with an ETA.

As a workout; you can “upload” files by moving them into the Logseq/your_graph/assets folder. This will allow you to access these assets in logseq and it will sync it to other devices.

I will try it, thanks.

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Can the ls android app then reference these assets or do we need to wait until back at the pc to fix up the reference?
Thanks in advance

I don’t use Android, so I am not sure, but I think you should be able to.

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i found that if you click on share in your android file manager and select logseq, it adds a reference link in logseq which is similar to the one on desktop

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That’s working on IPhone. It seems the only way to upload and link resources on mobile