Uploading multiple assets

After a congress, I have to upload hundreds of files. How could I do it? I have found several similar queries about this topic but no answer from the developer team. It would be nice if you could at least suggest a workaround.

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upvoting this. to me, we should be able to manage multiple assets at once from within Logseq. I looked for a half hour for a way to do it and felt dumber coming up short, lol.


This should be a primary feature. People are quickly suggesting what should be an important feature, but, Logseq, please…

Actually, Logseq saves these files- if you try to upload multiple attachments - in the assets folder. But nothing happens on your page, only the first file is visible. Now I have 224 files in my assets folder without appearing in Logseq. Dear developers, could you shed some light on the logic here?

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Lets Upvote this feature request - Multiple Embed files (batch upload files to assets) - Feature Requests - Logseq