Url Scheme (deep link) on Mobile platform is desperately wanted

I’m very grateful that the URL scheme (deep link) feature has been implemented on the desktop platform, yet I’ve been waiting for it to be added to the mobile platform (for me, iOS). In a sense, I believe the URL scheme would be more widely used on a phone. For example, a URL scheme can build meaningful links between apps like Trello or Things or Reminders and Logseq to complement its very poor notification and visualization system.

I’m wondering if the mobile URL scheme feature is on the roadmap and how prior it is? Many thanks.

Soon. next release I believe.


Interesting, can you please tell more about how to use a deep link on desktop?

hey :wave:
just checking if there are any updates on this for iOS?

Yes! Since the latest Logseq mobile for iOS (version 0.7.0.), deep linking is now available

See this tweet for a demo:

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See this tweet and the one it links to for a demo on how to use deep linking on Logseq desktop:

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Is there a way to deep link to a specific file in the graph?

I’m trying to reference journal pages that are in the format: yyyy_MM_dd.md
so this doesn’t work “logseq://graph/(graphName)?page=(pageName)”
where pageName is derived from the journal file (the page names for journals are different by default in Logseq).

If I change the preferred date format to yyyy_MM_dd in Logseq everything works fine.

Would it be possible to add referencing a file additionally to pages?


I’m not an engineer (just a community manager), so excuse my ignorance. What would you gain from being able link to the .md extension in Logseq? I use the yyyy/MM/dd format and can open journal pages fine… My links look like this: logseq://graph/Ramses?page=2022%2F06%2F14

If you do Right-Click on a Journal page’s date and select Copy Page URL, you’ll see the structure for your graph.

Thanks Ramses for the quick response

This is my use case:

I would like to add deep linking from the NeuraCache app to Logseq.

NeuraCache scans Logseq folders or subfolders and finds cards within yyyy_MM_dd.md files.
When NeuraCache extracts the cards from these files - this is the only information it has (yyyy_MM_dd)

Users on the other hand can have a completely different setting for date format in Logseq. This means that linking via yyyy_MM_dd as a page parameter does not work in most of the cases — unless the user explicitly sets a preferred date format to yyyy_MM_dd (very unlikely)

It’s possible that there is a different way to deep link and I just don’t know about it :sweat_smile:

Let me know if that makes sense.

Already exists I believe using the file parameter. Was added a few versions back.

Check line 105 on this thing I made for Raycast.

Thanks @Aryan

I’ve tried various options

no luck, it doesn’t work for me — it works fine with
and preferred date format in Logseq yyyy_MM_dd

P.S - I’m on iOS 15.5 and Logseq 0.7.2