URL Scheme for searching text


I found Logseq Protocol for opening the graph to a specific page/block and for quick capture.

Is there a URL scheme for searching text?

something like

logseq://graph/<graph name>?search=<search term>
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This doesn’t solve the request, which is a good one and one I have as well, but I’m finding it pretty useful to have an Obsidian vault that contains just my active LogSeq graph, specifically to use the various URL schemes to create different sorts of documents. (Depending on your sync setup, this may or not work on mobile)

This way I can use Shortcuts and Drafts on my various machines to easily get things into LogSeq until the inbuilt automation tools get a bit stronger.

Also - this obviously isn’t programmatic the same way - but maybe doing the specific searches as a query inside LogSeq on a page, and then saving the page URL as a bookmark might get you something close to what you’re looking for?


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That’s helpful, thanks Robert.

For now I’ve set up a basic macro in Keyboard Maestro that opens/switches to Logseq and presses Command-K to bring up the search box when F4 key (it has a search icon) is pressed.

The developer of Alfred Logseq workflow, @danzu wrote that the might/would update it next week. Atm, searching for text via the workflow doesn’t work.

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Just curious, what do you think Logseq should display when you open such URI?

Because as far as I know Logseq has just a popup dialog that let you open existing pages or create one with the text you searched.

Switch to Logseq and bring up that popup dialog with the search results for the searched term.

Similar to Obsidian: