Use Dropbox instead of iCloud to sync iOS and MacOS

I started using Logseq about a week ago, and so far it is absolutely (digital) life-changing!
I am wholly in the Mac ecosystem, and have been using iCloud to sync my Mac, iPad, iPhone, though I use Dropbox heavily for the rest of my work. iCloud sometimes takes hours to sync, and there is no manual control to speed up the process. I can use Dropbox with my Mac’s Logseq, but it seems impossible with iOS—the Dropbox option is greyed out.
Am I missing something? Can I not use Dropbox sync with iOS?
Thank you in advance for any help,

It’s a limitation, imposed by Apple on App Store apps I believe, that limits the app to seeing only the iPhone storage and iCloud. You’ll see Obsidian’s app has the same limitation.

It would be possible for the Logseq team to code their own Dropbox sync, but they’ve (sensibly) decided to offer their own sync (again, like Obsidian). It will be able to offer features that Dropbox couldn’t, like reconciling conflicts between devices thus avoiding one device overwriting another’s changes.

It’s in beta right now and available to supporters ($5+ a month). I’ve just started using it and it seems fine so far - certainly much faster than iCloud!

Thank you for your clear and helpful explanation. It makes sense now.

I need to also sync with my Linux machines. Is there a way between iOS, Linux, and Mac to keep Logseq in sync?

The Logseq internal sync covers all platforms unless I miss something. Personally I use git to sync between platforms (requires purchasing working copy on ios though)

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