Use local apps to open "assets" (embedded files)

You can attach “assets” (e.g. pdf or Word documents) to nods in Logseq. These appear as hyperlinks. However clicking on the hyperlink will take you to a logseq page corresponding to the asset. The only way to open the asset is to search for it using your system file manager / file search application. It would be great if you could open the asset using the relevant local application (e.g. Word, Adobe) by clicking on the link (e.g. click to open Logseq page, CTRL + click to open Asset?)

I believe this has been implemented. Can you please confirm?

Did you get an answer to your request to confirm if an asset can be opened, or downloaded by just clicking it in logseq? When I try to do either - a PDF will open in logseq but not in adobe.

Any news about that ?

That is still correct. I did not get an answer as far as I can tell. I am not on the discussion group very often sorry for the late response.

If the ! is removed from the link, it will be opened in your default program. But you still cannot decide ad hoc (i.e. like OP suggested with Ctrl + click vs normal click) how to open AFAIK.