Use Markdown codeblocks for Logseq's custom syntax

In Logseq we have custom syntax that doesn’t look nice in other tools, for example:

{{query #quotes}}

will be parsed as a normal line and tagged with #quotes in Obsidian.

I just discovered how in Obsidian they solved this: they usually introduce new syntax using standard Markdown codeblocks, so for example their query


will be rendered as codeblock in tools that don’t support it like Logseq.

I think Logseq should switch to this approach too:


that should be enough to inform other tools not to parse it for tags and other things.

I like this idea! It works similar to the new GitHub task list feature which replaces the code type with the interactive task list UI.

If you take it one step further I could imagine something similar to the GitHub Blocks (technical preview) where you can plugin (= Logseq Plugin) any interactive block into the Markdown type.