Use OSMmaps plugin with query

I am trying to use the OSMmaps plugin like I did the Obsidian version.
As described in the GitHub - hkgnp/logseq-osmmaps-plugin in step 2A you could show location point using a query but that did not seem to work for me. But I do not know what I did wrong.

I created a test page with a map and 3 random points. Those show correctly on the map. See below …

But as I want for instance show all my person locations on a map I tried to use a query so I created a second page, added a map and directly below that within the same block I added a query (in my case all blocks having a property coords that is required by the plugin.

In code that looks like the following:

But the result is this where the query seems to do the work correctly but no points are shown on the map. Also not after a refresh of the map.

I tried by adding it to a separate bullet and in a nested bullet with the map as a parent but both did not fix my issue.

Has anybody made this work with the latest osmmaps plugin and a query. If so, am I doing something wrong? Obviously I do but I fail to see where.

Thank you for any help in this.