Use simple and standard visual cues for tasks, instead of the TODO, DOING and DONE text

I’m new to logseq. I like the lightweight user interface, however one thing that bothers me is the TODO text. Being bold and colored, It draws ones attention to it, instead of the task text itself. Could we not have something more subtle. Personally I would like to have a more standard UI, e.g. an empty circle for TODO, a half full circle for DOING, and a full circle for DONE, without the TODO etc. text at all. Long-standing users may want to throw something at me :slight_smile:

I think this comes down to personal preference. I’m not particularly bothered by it, but I also see your point. And at the same time I dislike the circle suggestion :woman_shrugging:t4:
There are many options for this, and probably just as many opinions.
However you can make the text appear different with CSS, there are themes that do this I believe, but I have no experience myself.