Use \, to Make Comma Part of An Alias

I’m currently using an alias fructose-2, 6-biphosphate to refer to 果糖-2, 6-二磷酸. However, the comma will separate the English alias into 2 parts. Is it possible to use some escape characters or backslash like , to make the comma part of an alias?

BTW, it’s great software!

Same here. I am struggling for example with something we call here “0,03%-Regelung” which is somethimes called “0,03%-Methode” and so on.
So it would be nice if we can use a \ like in Latex or quote it or whatever.

you can enclose the page-name between brackets, this way, commas will not be parsed as delimiters, eg :

alias:: [[0,03%-Regelung]]

should correctly link to page 0,03%-Regelung

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I read the documentation before i wrote this reply… Nowhere is a hint on it.

I would prefer it to find all (such things too) right in the docs instead of having to watch github, trello, documentation, changelogs, forum, discord, youtube, etc. for knowing how logseq works. Everywhere i find a hidden piece of something.

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