Use Zotero + Logseq without providing API KEY or any account. Just locally

I want to use the Zotero integration features with Logseq without providing my API key and without having any account.

I just have a local Zotero storage and I want Logseq to communicate with Zotero just by providing the directory. (Zotero standalone always open).

Is this possible?? :slight_smile: Why I do need to provide a key if I just want to communicate with the local storage?

Thank you in advance!


I found this and this.

I tried both but the Zotero search bar does not find any of my papers in the Bibtex .json

Is anyone using these plugins? Can you really import metada from the papers only with the Bibtex json?

Thank you.


I created a plugin that can do the job. It doesn’t require too much configuration and runs completely locally.

Check it here if you’re interested.

Btw, if you are also interested in a feature, full-text search across PDFs, please vote for this FR. Thanks!

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I will check this one. Thank you for the work.
Is your solution currently the only one supporting the local connection??
ps: already voted

Maybe not the only one. As you mentioned above, there are already some plugins using bib file to communicate with Zotero. So they are all local-only I think. But sorry I lack the experience to make any specific suggestion because I didn’t try them myself.

And thanks for the vote!