User settings backup

User setting files should be easy to find and backup.

  • Please provide an in-app link to open the path/folder for config files.
  • Those config files should be able to backup & symlink.

Suggested Designs:

  • In SettingsGeneral, provide a button to open the folder of config files in File System.
  • (Optional) Provide a mackup recipe to support backup.

This already exists. You can access it on the config.edn file on your filesystem or click this in settings.

Those are in-project settings. Are there any global settings for all projects?

If I have multiple projects/graphs, I need a shared settings.

If a project/graph shared by multiple users, we need separated user settings.

Is that possible to have a global user settings in logseq?

At the moment you can’t have shared settings unless you were to do perhaps an automation that does auto llinking. For the second case with separated settings, you can add the config.edn file to your sync ignore file.