Using a different capitalization changes the capitalization of the title of a page

if I have a page like [[dog]] and then I use the capitalised version somewhere [[Dog]] logseq updates the title in the page, which means the title keeps changing between capitalised and uncapitalised as i use them… is that the intended behaviour?
I would prefer for the title of the page to remain the same no matter what was the last capitalization I used but maybe there is some use for this that I cannot think of?

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Same here … page name should be unique independent on capitalization. So irrelevant if I use [[Dog]] at the start of a sentence or that I use [[dog]] in the middle of a sentence the original name should be respected.

I like to capitalize my page names (first letter only) as I like that presentation when seen on it’s on but I would like to use the correct capitalization when used in a sentence.


Just a thought: Given that pages correspond to files, the behavior might also depend on whether the file system is case-sensitive (Linux, recent MacOS, …) or not (Windows).

Yes, yes, yes! Identical attitude here. I like to have the page names in the listing of pages or in the visualized graph starting with a captal letter (such as [[Dog]]), but I want to use it in the sentence as Happy [[dog]]. Currently I always have to do Happy [dog]([[Dog]]), which is a pain.