Using Dynamic Variables in templates to get "Next Workday" instead of "Tomorrow"

Hi there!

I’m still relatively new to LogSeq, but I’m getting more used to it every day. I really love the concept, especially regarding the daily journal for which I set up a personal template. This template includes, among others, a section about "Stuff for tomorrow,” where “tomorrow” is a dynamic variable: <% tomorrow %>.

I use LogSeq only for work purposes, so I would need a “next workday” dynamic variable instead of the “tomorrow” one – which unfortunately doesn’t exist. Is there any workaround to get a dynamic variable in the sense of “next workday,” which could be included in the daily journal template (let’s forget about public holidays or something like that as they are different in each country)?

Apparently, it could work with a corresponding macro, but unfortunately, I don’t find any documentation about macros.

Many thanks for considering my request.

The only source that I know that offers some explanation on this is mschmidtkorth’s unofficial Logseq documentation on dynamic variables.