Using Hierarchies or Is there a better Way?

I have been a heavy Wikidpad user for the last decade. I have about 10,000 pages in that. It has a lot of similarities to Logseq from what I see but I want to make sure I’m not imposing my organizational structure on Logseq in a way that could be done in an easier way natively.

So on that note - with hierarchies…

I organize things in Wikidpad like this. If I have a course, let’s say Marketing 101 with Bob Jones and I have several courses with Bob Jones.

I’ll create a hierarchy in wikidpad as follows (using Logseq format) [[Bob Jones/Courses/Marketing 101]]

Then if I have another course I’ll do the same

[[Bob Jones/Courses/Marketing 102]]

Then if I have a lesson I will add

[[Bob Jones/Courses/Marketing 102/Lesson 1]]

And if I have homework that I did I will add

[[Bob Jones/Courses/Marketing 102/Lesson 1/Homework 05-10-2022]]

Etc. etc.

I have started to do something similar in Logseq but I’m wondering if I am being redundant and if Logseq can organize this without me doing the hierarchies.

What’s a best practice on this with Logseq?

Is it better to create individual pages for all these sub items or use the bullet features more often? I guess the issue with the bullet/node is how do I easily insert those without knowing the name (or beginning of the name of the node)?

I think the having the bullets be nodes is interesting but I don’t see where those would be used easily but I guess that’s another question for another post. (Could also be that I’m used to dealing with pages).

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How you would search for this information later?
I think you should use a structure that suits your personal needs and will help you find information later. For example, if you search for this course later, would it be helpful to start with the author, then look for the courses subpage, etc.? Will you search the page only by the course title or by the author’s name? If only by the name of the course, there is no reason to include the author’s name in the title of the page, unless you have multiple courses with the same name.

How would I structure the information?
Since the structure of notes in Logseq is very atomic, and I like the definition of pages from the official documentation: “Logseq pages are nothing more than a collection of blocks”, you can place and move blocks in any way that suits you personally, but trying to link them to contexts and other thoughts. Personally, I would put the information from the course on the “Marketing 101” page. If the course were large and filled with useful information, I would divide the course into lessons with meaningful titles, such as “Marketing 101/01. Marketing Philosophy”.

Page properties
To the main Marketing 101 page, I would add a bunch of page properties, like author:: [[Bob Jones]] type:: [[course]] . This will give you the ability to find the link to the course in the backlinks of Bob Jones’s page, filter them by “course” using the UI, and get links to all of that person’s courses or your thoughts about them.

Links and tags
And in the process of writing notes, I would try to add as many links and tags that are meaningful to me to each item of the list, so that later I would be able to find individual thoughts from the course in different contexts.

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