Using Logseq more and more

Hi all

I really fall in love with Logseq lately and I understand most of it (I think :slight_smile: )
But I have some issues I’d like to adress and hope someone can help me with this:

  1. Logseq automatically creates (I think they’re called nodes) in the graph view. The names are: Waiting, C, B, Doing, Later, e.g… Why is that?

  1. I think this is a topic where has already been in discussion but I didn’t see a solution for it: annotations in PDFs creates a hls_filename.pdf page which appears in your graph. I don’t like that. Is it possible to turn it off? Is it possible to turn it off, even there is a #tag in it?

  2. I’ve seen this symbol ‘!’ before links or files. What does it do exactly?

  3. Does someone else works with Synology Drive to keep your files in sync and have access over different devices? What is your experience?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

In the nodes menu on the right turn off Built-in pages. They should no longer show up.

Yes. Go to that page. (Clicking on it from the graph view works)
In it you’ll see some properties.
If you click into that block you can add
exclude-from-graph-view:: true
It’s not the best solution and you’ll need to add it to individual files, but it works.
In graph view make sure to turn off excluded pages (they are on by default idk why)

I assume in the context of ![text](link)?
This is just part of the link syntax for images/files.

I don’t, so that one I can’t answer :wink:


Thanks for your help. It helped me a lot!

I hope someone will answer my question about synology drive or at least about syncing between different devices :slight_smile:

I love Logseq even more than my girlfriends now. How can taking notes be so fun?

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I have another question:
If I want to have the hls_filename.pdf in my graph because of the backlinking, is it possible to change the name so it would connect to a “normal” name?


Not that I’m aware of honestly. I don’t know if the page name needs to follow that format or not.
Perhaps make a test graph and test if you can change the page name?

To add: the exclamation point allows to display/embed media such as audio, video, and photos. See: Embed Media - Audio, Photos, Videos | Logseq Docs