Using Logseq on Chromebook using Flatpak -- Theme is not saving with app close and reopen

I just bought a Chromebook and installed Logseq through the Linux shell using Flatpak, seems to work, I have a Graph and can add things to it without issue. Problem is I set the Dark theme, but closing and reopening it goes back to White. Favorites seem to be saving, but I can’t find how to force Dark theme on restart. Any thoughts? Is there a user config file I can look for to update or check this?

Also I’m finding the Plugin Marketplace screen doesn’t work – it just flashes when I open Plugins and click Marketing place. Installed looks okay, but I have no Plugins installed.

Is anyone using Logseq on ChromeOS with any success? I bought this laptop pretty much so I could take my Logseq Graphs with me – so I’d love to find an option. Below is a screenshot. Somehow I clicked the Heat map plugin and added it, so it’s picking up clicks and working - just cant seen anything on it.