Using LogSeq with Google Drive

You may be aware that Google has recently released ChromeOS Flex to turn old laptops into Chromebooks.
It works well, and whilst you can’t load android apps onto Flex, you can load Linux Apps, and fantastically you can load and run Linux Flatpak software, which brings all its Linux dependant software in the Flatpak.
Being Google, the Google Drive is integrated into the system, and so, I have found that LogSeq Flatpak works seamlessly using Google Drive for my LogSeq data, on a Chromebook!
Then I use the free version of Android DriveSync to keep my LogSeq data synced with my gdrive on/from my tablet and phone.


The other great thing about this is you only have to go into the Linux command prompt and type:
Flatpak update
And if there is a LogSeq update available it completely updates!