Using Loqseq on iPad and opening Obsidian Vault

I am new to Logseq

I am trialling to use Loqseq as the front end for data entry to Obsidian. On Mac, I have no issue in using Loqseq desktop app to open the Obsidian vault that is on iCloud (not sure it is better to use open or create new graph)

However, I cannot do the same from Loqseq on my iPad. The iPadOS app would not let me open anything unless it is on the default iCloud logseq folder (with the logseq icon)

Any clue how to do this on iPadOS ?

Welcome to Logseq and the forum @fuzzygel! I’ve moved this topic to the Questions & Help category as that’s where it belongs.

To answer your question in a blunt way: you can’t. Apple has imposed a limitation on apps in iOS, meaning that apps can only access their own folder. So you can’t use Obsidian and Logseq on iOS on the same data. The solution is to only use one app on your iOS device and store the graph in that app’s folder. On desktop you can use both Obsidian and Logseq on the same folder as you’ve already noticed.

ah, thank you @Ramses . I may have to think about the best weay for my use case of Logseq with Obsidian. Will continue to explore