Using symbolic link to add existing external .md file to logsek break on restart

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create symbolic link to folder with .md files where the logsek repo is. Example:

| folder1
| |
| folder2
| | logsek, journals, assets,pages, symbolic link to folder1 (../folder1)

  1. Visit in logseq (everything show up properly)
  2. Restart logseq
  3. is empty because it created a new in pages

Version: Linux 0.8.18

So far, I did not experience this kind of problem with other kind of file (img) with a symbolic link in the assets folder.

I can reproduce. FYI moving the symlink under /pages makes it works as expected.

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It doesn’t work for folders containing .md. It won’t detect it. Tried refresh, reindex and restart.


Is it possible to disable the feature that turn .. into … on this forum editor?