Version 0.9.1 query's without title have blank space

I was a little worried about the new query builder and my heavy use of custom queries, but… it seems ok.
However! There is one thing that is bugging me. Queries without titles have a significant gap compared to the previous version. The previous version wasn’t the prettiest either to be sure, but now there’s unnecessary empty space.

Old version (taken on my phone, version 0.8.17):

New version (taken on my windows pc, version 0.9.1):

While on the subject of gaps… when no breadcrumbs exist they also show up as blank space, just like titles.


{:title "Random block"
 :query [:find (pull ?b [*])
     [?b :block/page ?p]
     [?b :block/refs ?t]
       [?t :block/name "tag1"]
       [?t :block/name "tag2"]
; :result-transform ( fn [result] [(rand-nth result)] )
; :breadcrumb-show? true