Very slow on Windows - dropbox issue?

Hi. I have been using Logseq happily on my personal computer (Mac). I have recently installed it on Windows work computer, and it is very slow, e.g. lagging a lot when typing. I use dropbox to sync. Could this be a dropbox issue? (NB I could try a different sync service such as google drive, or OneDrive). Alternatively, is there another fix I could try? Thanks.

Hi. I’ve tried running Logseq outside of dropbox but I am still encountering significant lags in Windows, so dropbox does not seem to be the issue. The software seems to work well when opened from the browser, but it doesn’t give the full functionality I would like (e.g. use of bespoke .css). Are there any settings I can “fiddle with”. I found a post on github about how to resolve slow performance, but I couldn’t understand the instructions. Thanks.