Very very very very long page names

I don’t know how and when these pages were created.
I’m not sure if it is a bug.

Unless you have a ninja cat capable of typing all those page names in a row in less than a second…

It seems like an image data that you put as a title.

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Now it’s getting worse. There’re tons of pages with this weird long name. The number of my own pages is less than 50.
I’m using Logseq on two machines, one at home, the other at work, files are stored in a OneDrive folder.

Basically you are feeding a base 64 encoded image as link. That’s what the data:image/jpeg;base64 prefix tells.
Are you inserting links of images?

Can you provide a sample for reproduction?

Yeah, I found this issue after I inserted several images. But I just inserted several images and there’re over 1000 pages with long name.
I’ll see if I can reproduce it.

The presence of slashes is causing them to be understood as namespaces, which leads to there being several pages created for each image.